Are we living in a Simulation? Do you want some ‘real’ Simulation Argument Evidence?

You’d think that at least one academic (just one ‘somewhere’) would have used the base differences between a hypothetical ‘real’ reality and some of the commoner artificial ‘simulated’ types to ‘rationally’ evaluate whether we are living within a real or fake reality. . . because in doing this i.e. to make a logical assessment based on foundation/baseline differences, such as a ‘Matrix’ reality type absolutely always has 2 bodies interfaced together and hence then has to handle and ‘fudge’ around people/EVERYONE having 2 sets of senses/percpetions, as well as 2 brains and 2 sets of memories, such that in thinking about this, then you might figure out that it would be exceptionally difficult for some designed reality types (pretty much all of them in fact) to actually avoid presenting various anomalies, that strangely with just some ‘modest’ thinking effort one can READILY deduce will be visible to the population living within that specific ‘fake/artificial’ reality type!!!

What are the Chances We are Living within a Simulation?

Unfortunately, a little extra thinking should make you aware that any type of fake reality, either via the interfacing between bodies and or because it’s all (including the people) ‘software’ defined, will then absolutely monitor and ‘manage and sabotage’ all thinking as well as all discussions of fake reality possibilities . . . i.e. the ‘fact’ that what is written above you’ve never seen written anywhere else is ‘evidence’ all on it’s own that your/our reality it SOME TYPE OF FAKE/ARTIFICIAL REALITY TYPE . . . in other words, there is no chance AT ALL that you are living within one of these hypothetical/allegedly ‘real’ realities . . . NONE!!!!

Are we Living in a Simulation, a Simulation Argument Type Reality?

Some pages that use the base line differences to then figure out and then also look for/check for evidence of the ‘deducible’ differences that coincidentally a fake reality then absolutely cannot avoid presenting are below . . .

  1. Extensive Evidence our World is a Duplicated/Copied Simulation Designed In a VR on a 3D Wireframe Grid/Backdrop
  2. Matrix Film, Plato’s Cave, Theory of Forms, Metempsychosis & Platonic Dualism Comparisons
  3. Deducible Logistic Problems/Anomalies of Interfacing 7+ Billion Individuals to a 2nd ‘Matrix’ Reality Defined ‘Fake’ Body
  4. Two Bodies Interfaced Together ‘Matrix Reality’ Reasoned Speculation & Evidence!!!
  5. Matrix Reality Evidence: Androgynous, Asexual Subtle Forms Interfaced to a Two Gendered Physical Body Will Present Anomalies Related to Gender, Validating Transgender Experiences

Although if you are actually ‘seriously’ interested in these possibilities then I’d recommend that you read the below before clicking on any links . . .

Over the last decade we’ve had millions of pages written very much focused on the ‘are we living within a Matrix possibility’, all of these had myself more and more speculating as to whether we are living within some type of artificial reality or virtual world, which eventually had me reading about simulations on wikipedia and then discussing ‘simulated reality’ possibilities with an actual simulation designer (i.e. someone who spent their time designing simulations as part of their work) then these discussions made myself aware that the vast majority of simulations are designed to duplicate or replicate ‘something’ quite often as part of a project to understand something and or improve the design of something i.e.

TO MAKE . . . ‘CHANGE’S’ . . . to . . . ‘SOMETHING’ . . .  ‘SOMEWHERE ELSE’ . . . !!!!

In other words, if we are living within some type of simulation then it is actually way, way, way, way more likely that we’d actually be living within a copied/duplicated system i.e. ‘NOT’ a free living/emulating a real reality simulation which was used as the basis for professor Bostrom’s simulation argument!!!

Are we each a Simulated Duplicate Living our Someone Else’s Life within a Duplicated Reality?

So, if we are living within a copied duplicated system, then this means that we are actually very likely to be duplicates of the population that designed and built what we are living within which also then implies that we’d be simulating people here that were actually involved in designing it!!! Now, if you spend consistent time thinking about this possibility, then a copied duplicated system would have to be very extensively research and then designed/built/tested, AND that all of the details of the design of our ‘earth’ world and population would very likely be designed and tested within a VR representing with the Earth laid out on a wire frame backdrop grid.

In which case the ‘duplicates’ of the people originally involved in the design in now being ‘here’, and in being ‘by and large’ accurate copies of the original designers would at the very least find themselves having the same interests here. Now, if you think about these possibilities A LOT then you might not only figure out some of the experiences they’d have BUT on looking for people with these types of experiences you might actually find some.

Also, if the earth is a duplicate of another world then this means that every facet of the earth will have been pre-defined, and as such it’s then possible that rogue reality designers/programmers may perhaps pre-define dimensions and or the distances between landmarks/places within our world here . . . in which case the duplicates of the people that did this, in being duplicates would then find themselves having the same interests and they’d very likely end up writing about & POINTING ANY ANOMALOUS EARTH MEASUREMENTS WE HAVE HERE!!! Coincidentally, there are ‘rather a lot’ of these anomalies!!!

So, this page: Extensive Evidence our World is a Duplicated/Copied Simulation Designed In a VR on a 3D Wireframe Grid/Backdrop does what is says and actually provides a lot of evidence that our fake earth world has been pre-defined AND that it’s design and all features have been laid out over a 3D grid/model of the earth . . .

Is it possible that as duplicated people we are also invisible interfaced to a remote entirely software defined human body?

I personally find it unbelievably odd that no one has actually defined the base foundation differences between a ‘Matrix’  two bodies interfaced together type reality when compared to a hypothetical real reality which wouldn’t then have anyone in the population having two bodies one (the real one) likely lying in a pod ‘somewhere’ while the remote vehicle/avatar form would be the easily visible/observed one?

Given the number of ‘Are we living within a Matrix’ speculation pages you’d expect that someone, ANYONE in fact would have sat down and written out, listed all of the differences they’d be if you are living within a Matrix type reality. At the very least in having two bodies then this means that you’d have two sets of senses and perceptions as well as two sets of memories . . . are you even aware of the anomalies we have related to senses and perceptions (apart from all of the extra sensory none physical ones?) are you aware of the anomalies WE ACTUALLY HAVE related to memories too?

Are we living within a Matrix Reality as Subtle/Spirit beings Interfaced to a Simulated Human Body form

In that I personally have searched for and cannot find any academic that’s actually done this which to be honest is evidence all on it’s own that our reality is fake, then I’ve written my own which you can read about here: Deducible Logistic Problems/Anomalies of Interfacing 7+ Billion Individuals to a 2nd ‘Matrix’ Reality Defined ‘Fake’ Body and another going into more detail for certain anomaly types you can read here: Two Bodies Interfaced Together ‘Matrix Reality’ Reasoned Speculation & Evidence!!!

If we are all of another body type and or from another living space/different type of reality before being interfaced to the human form/body, then just when did this happen? If there was a transition from living within some ‘original’ natural environment before maybe over a span of time everyone was gradually interfaced to a human then it’s possible that they’d be evidence of this transition as well as perhaps details of the original form/body in our distant past . . . are you aware of such evidence?

If you aren’t then you may find the following page interesting because from many different angles and perspectives we’ve a lot of evidence of just such a ‘transition’ happening within our distant historical past . . . you can read this complication of historical evidence here: Matrix Film, Plato’s Cave, Theory of Forms, Metempsychosis & Platonic Dualism Comparisons . . . after reading this you ‘may’ find yourself speculating as to whether there many be more absolute baseline differences between our real but invisible body and the visible simulated/software defined human form we’ve all been interfaced to  . . .

Which if correct (i.e. if these two bodies are VERY DIFFERENT) then there may also be yet more ‘consistent’ information presented here relating to the real invisible/absent body, to speculate on anomalies that may arise due to these differences . . . which coincidentally resulted in yet another evidence page pointing out that these differences would result in many of these INTERFACED PEOPLE feeling as if they are of the wrong gender and or genderless . . . all of which is laid out on this page here . . .  Matrix Reality Evidence: Androgynous, Asexual Subtle Forms Interfaced to a Two Gendered Physical Body Will Present Anomalies Related to Gender, Validating Transgender Experiences

My original ‘profession’ as it were was as a research scientist working in the medical fields (particularly diabetes) and then later as the manager of a central resources facility within the same university.

However, as I used to have a very severe stammer/speech block which I resolved/reduced to manageable levels over 6/7 years via myself initiating my own ‘orientating to my own internal states/sensations’ program to help me become aware of the origins of the stammer (which as a side effect had me gaining awareness of all sorts of ‘impossible’ things (from the perspective of science)), so after some 15 years of working within science and after having quite a few as well as ‘consistent’ odd/anomalous experiences (some of which others would categorize as ‘spiritual’ type experiences) then these pushed me to start exploring more deeply my inner subtle/form as well as the subtle environment/landscape as well as other dimensional realities directly.

When I say directly I do really mean directly (have a look at my web site for examples of many and various ‘off the edge’ experiences.

Reality Fundamentals MetaResearcher Investigator, Matrix & Simulated Reality, Copies of People Reality Evidence ‘Collator’

As part of this shift/life orientation change I spent 8 years or so exploring and fully ‘living’ the paradigms of ‘spirituality’, lightwork and many healing and therapy modalities. Working with and involving myself fully with these as I had with science. So, I worked with many ‘alleged’ spiritual/higher beings of the alleged spiritual hierarchy and beyond to confirm their existence and the ‘truths’ and more so the ‘untruths’ of many of the spiritual structures and paradigms presented here.

Let me make it very clear . . . I worked in science for about 15 years and found it severely wanting, on switching to explore reality with respect to the spiritual and new age paradigms I also over the space of a further 5 to 10 years ended up coming to the conclusion that these DON’T ADD UP EITHER, in gradually realising this and then re-orientating to explore OFF THE EDGE/BEYOND these ‘paradigms’ then I gradually became aware that (as unbelievable as it sounds) all aspects of my life as well as of my internal spaces/other dimensional aspects of myself being manipulated/managed to keep me as preoccupied and as distracted as possible, these OBVIOUS managing efforts I could only ‘rationally’ correlate to myself going AWOL/outside of the boundaries that our fake reality here is trying to keep EVERYONE ELSE CHAINED TO!!!

Over the last few years I have come to understand that part of what I have been doing in this life time is to deeply and comprehensively research many different angles of ‘understandings/perspectives’ DIRECTLY. If you are honest, then you will appreciate to a certain extent that there are many different ‘understandings/perspectives’ of reality and that each of these understandings/paradigms/beliefs are all somewhat entrenched in viewing and interpreting ALL other ‘understandings/paradigms/beliefs/perspectives’ through the filters and prejudices of their own.

Which all in all results in the promotion of limiting contained perspectives/hypotheses rather than MORE ENCOMPASSING/INCLUSIVE ONES!!!

So, although science has ‘meta’ models or theories of everything (TOE’s if you like) these actually only describe everything from the severely limited ‘understandings’ that are the basis of science which ends up ‘irrationally’ evaluating TOE’s outside of science through the filters of their framework. As bizarre as it might sound my time in science was about researching science, my time as a member of a guru led enlightenment path was about researching this angle and the same for the lightwork, healing, ascension modality and so on. So, all the time I’m building up a base of information well beyond the understandings of individual modalities – you could say that I am a ‘meta’ researcher – fully taking on and fully living different TOE’s to try and understand (for example) why there are such divisions.

Body of Evidence; 2 Bodies Interfaced together in two Different Environments Matrix Reality Possibility!!!

I’ve been working on this larger scale research in this lifetime for about 40 years now and I’ve been coming to some interesting conclusions and spending time putting together what I call schematics or ‘frameworks’ which are about showing how different aspects of reality and different ‘knowledge’ bases relate to each other.

In the menu at the top you have a ‘Matrix Reality Evidence’ link. This is an example of such a ‘framework’, it does nothing more complicated than use the basic reality precepts of  a ‘Matrix’ Reality as a basis to ‘deduce’ the problems and resulting ‘observable’ experiences a ‘primary’ body to a secondary body will result in. The end result is an overwhelming ‘body of evidence’ that we have all of the expected and ‘easily’ deduced anomalies and artifacts that one would EXPECT if we are each interfaced to a second body living in a second environment.

picture of clive sitting

So, the ‘overall’ reason why I present this site is to make you aware of the full spectrum of my life’s experience as well as of my currently manifested skills, capabilities and so on as these may help you understand why I am presenting what I do both here and elsewhere and ‘therefore’ why I have been able to come to conclusions that I do.

So, if some of what I present on my other web sites either disturbs or intrigues you then you had best take time to check out the whole person that I am here. I have not walked in off the street, nor do I present what I present lightly. So, find out what you want of me here and say hi if you wish.

Take your time . . . I wish the best to all that have made it this far . . . may you go even further . . . .

Take care – Clive Shane Hetherington