Guest House & Kitchen

The Guest House

Although I wanted to have some resting time after moving into the Chalet, it felt right to push on so the builders were contracted to our guest housebuild the guest house on their own. Apart from the design they did all the basic work for this house. The walls were made a half meter higher than is normal here so that we could put in a sleeping platform. The guest house when finished, has a platform that will sleep 5-6, a private room with a double bed for a couple, an open area with a double sofa bed and small kitchen and a “bath” room with real live flush toilet and an electric shower. After the basic building was done, we ourselves built the platform, put in all fittings, decorated, made the bed and clothes areas for the private room and fitted a small kitchen into the main room so that those staying here could be fairly independent if they want to be.

Communal Kitchen and Conservatory

The final construction was a double building of communal kitchen and conservatory over looking the stream and main waterfall a littlekitchen and conservatory buildings further down from the chalet. We got the basic buildings up with the intention to build a local brick oven, a pan stove, a pizza oven and a barbecue place in the kitchen area and provide glass windows and a balcony for the conservatory. We left these to concentrate on finishing our chalet and making the environment around this comfortable – finishing our home was at that time a priority for us as we were getting exhausted.

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