I started writing a manual to go with the subtle energy tools that I developed in 1996. My writing has always been orientated toward what will practically facilitate people to find and become themselves. As my understandings changed then so did my information and so the manuals changed every couple of months. Out of all of this practical advice I decide to write a stand alone book that could be used with or without my subtle energy tools. This was finished and published by Treepax Ltd in July 2001.

the book - advanced handbook of soul transformation

As Cris used to say when she read it; it should be the most sold healing book on the planet as it provides the most relevant and most ‘real’ information and advice based on practical experience of someone who has walked his talk. Unfortunately, but also quite understandably the book while being the very best and most relevant to making such a movement is also not of the soft and fluffy ‘official type’ and so does not hold the energy that so many love and cling to. As one reader wrote;

“There are many books out there that will let you skim the surface. So if you are a sissy, don’t go here. But if you really want to look and deal with spiritual issues on a core level, then this is the book for you.

The author does not believe in dogmatic, fixed solutions. You basically state what you need to achieve spiritually and say that you are open to all possibilities of achieving that goal. Then the fun begins!

This book introduces you to more concepts concerning your spirituality than most any other book out there. I should know, I have been through the gamut. From lightbody to druids to astrology, to tarot, to Scientology, to Power vs. Force by David Hawkins.

I particularly appreciate both the author’s toughness and the purity of his intention to empower others.”

Thank you Adriana – I could not have put it better myself

So, it is for all those whom want to be truly free; Whom want to try and really face all of their issues and become whom they really are. Everything else it trying to make you into something you are not.

The Multidimensional Hitch Hikers Guide to Unity Consciousness: The Advanced Handbook of Soul Transformation

Is a very practical book from those who are really willing to explore beyond the known. From what I offer with my expertise, you need commitment, courage and determination to face your own the unknown. You will then have an incredible and fun soul journey which at times is also very scary because this is not about staying within the confines of your limits but about moving beyond them. You will then meet parts of yourselves not just in past lives but also in other dimensions as other energy forms.

You will find that your greatest and deepest areas of limitation are not held in your human form they are held in forms that are also you in other dimensions beyond past lives. You can in your human form learn to deal with and integrate all these parts to bring yourself into a deeper level of wholeness.

This is therefore not just another interesting book, if you want something to just read then this is not for you. If you want to really find out who you are in the deepest sense and are willing to be constantly surprised with what you find while doing this then perhaps this journey is for you.

If you work with this book seriously then it will take you into parts of yourself that you have hidden, suppressed, lost and disowned. When you rediscover these and deal with them properly then you move into real freedom, then you can begin to speak your true truth, then you can live your deepest dream.

It is not a book for transforming the planet it is a book that will transform the individual, it is one to one transformation for those who understand that there will be no transformation on a large scale without self transformation and the manifestation of this here. You cannot take others where you have not gone or are not willing to go yourself.

In Summary: This book gives you the foundations of intention and advice
to help you orientate yourself as well as possible. To align you to
find and become you.


I have since updated the presentation of this book. It’s name has changed – it is now called the; Self Healing Handbook and it is available as an e-book here;