Creativity, Art & Design

When living in the UK I converted my garage into a small workshop containing a medium sized band saw, a planer thicknessor, circular saw, router, wood turning lathe, dust extractor and a wood working bench I made myself. My work in science was interesting in itself but not to be honest very creative. So, when I came home I would do a range of things to satisfy these areas of myself.

Designer Kitchen units
When I first moved into my own house the first thing I did was throw out the horrible ancient plastic kitchen. I then designed and individually built a complete set of kitchen units over the space of a year.

Over the following 5-6 years I made various pieces of furniture including a couple of full sized beds from reclaimed pitch pine floor boardsheadboard of bed for the main structure and full slices from large trees as headboards. I also built in wardrobes for my own bedroom as well as coffee tables and very creatively designed display shelves to present turned wooden bowls and pottery.

Ornamental wooden bowls
I also made ornamental turned wooden bowls from spalted sycamore, yew, oak and other wood types. These were given away or sold in a local craft shop just for fun.

I learnt pottery and turned out some rather nice pieces in the two years that I did this.

Building Construction
We did a lot of unusual and creative stuff in the chalet from tree trunk stair railsmall designer windows, to stained glass areas that we did ourselves to tree trunks we used as supporting posts in the chalet construction. For example on the left here is a trunk used as a bannister rail for the chalet stairs. This wasstained glass scavenged from the neighbours forest after the tree was struck by lightening. A great trunk; covered in cats claw marks and other features.

To the right here is the stained glass window we did ourselves for the chalet. I built that window section and all the individual little windows and cut the glass while my partner at that time painted them.