Healer Therapist

Most would consider that this page should be about my training and qualifications as a healer. However for me; these on their own don’t even begin to cover what is important with regards the healing work that I am presenting. Here are some areas to think about;

  • I am very rational, logical, scientific, analytical and intelligent on the one hand while being balanced on the other with my intuition, multidimensional awareness, empathy, feeling and sensitivity. This combination is quite rare as it gives me many more angles to reflect and consider than most others. Rationality and logic always work within the boundaries of yourself;  they are only as good as your breadth of life experience and beliefs. Logic only works within the ‘context’ of your experience and the information you allow yourself to use.
  • I am not only multi skilled but my skills are more often than not of a professional standard. I have designed and built a house, made quality furniture, managed both a laboratory and land, written software packages and a book, worked as a research scientist in the medical fields and so on. You could say that I have a vast range of experience of many areas of life and of types of people often beyond the experience of others.
  • I have also had an extreme focus to understand my own issues of limitation and more importantly I have been driven to find the means to move beyond them from a very early age. So, for example I came to the conclusion that I did not want to have children until I resolved my own limiting issues as under no circumstances DID I WANT MY OWN STUFF PASSED ON to them. Which all in all is quite a remarkable set of values for a 15 year old. I recommend that you read my ‘Personal Development and Self Exploration’ page as this will give you some idea of the depth of dedication I had and have toward myself and hence to what was required for me to achieve what I wanted to do; bring myself back to myself.

A few healers that I worked with even just a couple of years after becoming energy sensitive were describing my work as ‘on the edge’ and ground breaking. That was about 9 years ago, toward the end of when I worked with Michael Bradford. From then on the work rapidly began to go off the edge and still continues to do so.

While looking through my old school notes recently I was not surprised to see that I did not peruse my best subjects. What is the point? I am good at them! So, for ‘A’ levels I picked the subjects to continue with that I found more difficult which turned out to be science; biology, chemistry, physics and maths. This is a refection of me pushing the boundaries of myself ALL OF THE TIME. It is this attitude which has brought me to what I present as my healing work which stands on it’s own having been pushed so far beyond the boundaries it is virtually unrecognisable by anything or anyone else. I can understand that this is hard for people to appreciate. Particularly those that have been ‘glued’ to certain beliefs and ideas about healing, the earth process, the nature of reality, what is supposed to be happening here, the scientific model, consciousness and so on.

Many years ago a friend working with the transformation game asked to be shown the card that best represents me. She picked  the ‘REALITY’ card which to be honest describes me perfectly. I want THE truth, I don’t care how difficult it is, how crazy it might seem, or how different it is from what is considered correct, and I don’t care if I have walk completely on my own to find it either. The bottom line is this; if your truths are wrong, if your model is wrong then whatever you are doing will not over the long term come to fruition. By the long term I mean many life times, cosmic cycle scales. Working to anything less than this is a waste of time.

So, bit’s of paper then do not impress me, what does impresses me and what I live by are the following;

  • Alignment to whatever it takes within yourself to fully meet and stand in WHO YOU ARE; determination, courage, patience.
  • A willingness to be surprised; openness, flexibility in beliefs, a ‘let’s see’ attitude.
  • A willingness to step off the cliffs of your limitations and the walls of your current boundaries in the hope that the ground will meet you softly when you do (it always has for me).
  • To speak what you feel and what you think and to live what you speak.
  • To truly know not by revelation or readings or belief but by repeated conscious living experience and direct awareness .

For example; Science to me now holds to superstition by forcibly limiting itself to subset of reality (A very small subset) and to beliefs that the assumptions that science holds as its foundations are correct – they are not.

In this vein I start by describing my skills, qualities and capabilities in the healing areas as these are much more relevant than formal qualifications which are further down this page.

Skills, Qualities & Capabilities relevant to the healing work I offer

Empathic Abilities;
I can feel the feelings in others close to, at a distance (over the phone), unconnected (talked about by others) whether in real time, in the past or other lives or in another reality. So, when working with a client over the phone I can if necessary feel what they are feeling, feel what they felt in the past when they talk about this, feel the feelings of others that they are talking about and so on.

I can access other realms very easily; just about any level and anywhere. I could describe some of my skills in these areas as an extreme form of remote viewing. I can access in various ways;

  • Virtually full consciousness (almost being able to walk around fully aware).
  • Projecting consciousness – looking in through a window/portal.
  • Remote scanning and feeling with no direct access.

I can scan multiple realms simultaneously to take note of what is happening before focusing in. I can scan for particular energy configurations, particular events, beings, feeling matrices and so on. I can do all this along time lines too and communicate with any beings encountered.

Information Processing and Memory;
Phenomenal pattern recognition capabilities to handle and analyse huge volumes of sensory and awareness data simultaneously. This allows me to build up very large bases of information and organise it in ways that allow me to easily identify patterns. I can do this for information gathered via, intuition, feeling, empathic, other realm accessing, past time accessing and so on. I have a very capable memory both in a day to day sense and for accessing past and other life details. As an outcome of this I often don’t need to take notes when working with clients, this is also because I am keeping track internally of what is going on with them too. It is these types of capabilities that has enabled me to pick out the contradictions in the information being presented here, to uncover what is really happening to deeper levels.

Formal Healing Training & Qualifications

Here are the paper and training qualifications. They were all a great help to get me started particularly the initial ‘spiritual healer’ training with my friend Joan and also the work with Michael Bradford; these were the true foundations to point me in the direction. Some were a great help to make me aware of what would entrap me (Reiki for example)and prompt me to avoid similar in the future.

  • In Feb 96 I received informal ‘spiritual healer’ training, I have no formal qualifications in this area.
  • In June 96 I took my first formal training in the Reiki Healing Tradition, giving me the Reiki (I) self healing certificate.
  • In September 96 I continued this training and became a Reiki (II) healing practitioner.
  • In December 97 I completed a basic counselling skills course.
  • In June 97 I completed my full training in Reiki, to become a Reiki healing master trainer although I never received a certificate. I disconnected from the Reiki energies shortly after; horribly limited (I have written an article on this experience; Read this HERE).
  • In July 97 I completed my training in ‘Magnified Healing’, to become a healer/trainer in that tradition.
  • In September 97 I completed a full 4 month self mastership course with Michael Bradford a recognised international healer, studying past life and entity release methods.

My main training right from the start but increasingly after working with Michael Bradford was from beyond. I stopped working with the spiritual hierarchy about a year after working with Michael and had to formally disconnect and resign from my mission with them about two years after this.

I would sincerely recommend to anyone starting out who wants to take up healing to take a none Reiki route, I stress this particularly if your interest in healing is as part of your own self development. Start with Magnified healing as this has far better intentions and is better than Reiki. Popularity is never an accurate measure of quality.

Time line of working as a healer therapist and author

I started working as a self employed healer therapist in October 1997. At the start I offered:

  • Healing sessions
  • Various workshops focusing on awareness and healing
  • Guided awareness walks (Getting in touch with nature spirits)
  • Public talks.
  • I also designed, produce and marketed eight different subtle energy tools that would help with a range of healing and awareness challenges.

After a few months I started to train people as healers, offering a unique and innovative healing system developed by myself. This healing system was initially called Transformational Healing which over a year to two moved what I then called the Divine Transformational Rays as a legacy to the time I worked closely with the spiritual hierarchy and was doing the lightworkery type things.

A few years down the line this evolved into Soul Transformation at the point where I had began to leave behind the lightwork modality and the hierarchy as the beings guiding me. At this time I was working with people in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Germany and Brazil. The main energy tools evolved into what I present as the PUF (Personal unity facilitator) and the CUF (The Collective Unity Facilitator) which are more focused on really real healing and transformation and what is really required to get you to you than anything else out there. These tools offer the best to help you explore and clear yourself as a human and within all your past and other lives (within what I call the micro multiverse). These tools don’t hold anything that works with macro multiverse originating challenges, so in my terms they are a good introduction to healing for those wanting the best outside of WholeSoulWork perhaps before starting to work with me.

In 2001 when I was beginning to become aware of the seriously worrying contradictions within lightwork, healing and spiritual approaches in a general sense I started to write what became the soul-healer.com web site. This site was an attempt to try and make others aware of what I was picking up on and prompt people to explore and think beyond the weight of information that we were accepting at least in terms of the propaganda propagated both in a traditional sense and also by the hierarchy in terms of how things are, what we need to do and how we need to do it to evolve and grow.

In 2003 the healing work became labelled as SoulWork and the web site was updated to more directly reflected what I was presenting and standing for in terms of the contradictions of what was being presented elsewhere and what was really required to fully grow.

As it turned out that there are lots of other approaches and presentations using the words SoulWork in ways that have nothing to do with either the soul (as they don’t understand what the soul is about) and don’t involve much real work (what is actually involved to find yourself) then the name changed to better represent what I was doing to become WholeSoulWork which is where is stands now.

  • Whole as in; Encompasses everything that you are
  • Whole as in; It wholly understands what is required to get people back fully to themselves
  • Whole as in; It has the tools to make that understanding a reality

From mid 2004 when I was well into reuniting with my original souls my understandings went way off the scale. These sharpened during 2005 and early 2006 as the reality of what has been done to us both to originally take us well away from ‘who we really are’ and also stop us reclaiming this heritage began to sink in. It took ages to try and find a format to present this work that would provide a weight of information without watering it down to irrelevant pap. Eventually I started to put together HealingExamples, WholeSoulHealing, RealityWalker and this one to provide a spread of quality information which may get through to a few. Hence perhaps you made it here.