Life and Work TimeLine

DEC-80 – OCT-97 Employed by the university of Newcastle Upon Tyne, initially as a junior research associate, then as a research officer, then briefly as a scientific officer paid by the health authority then as a manager of the bio-medical mass spectrometry unit from 1991 until I left in 1997.
OCT-97 – MAY-01 Self empoyed as a sole trader working as a healer therapist in the UK. Within the business I offered:

  • Healing sessions, Various workshops, Guided awareness walks and Public talks.
  • Initially I design, produce and market eight different subtle energy tools on a national basis targetting everything from physical healing problems right through to raising awareness
  • I train people as healers, offering a unique and innovative healing system developed by myself. I call this transformational healing working with the Divine Transformational Rays which then evolves into Soul Transformation as begin to leave behind lightwork and the hierarchy.

JUNE 1999 – Married Cris after meeting her in September 1998

MAY-01 Emigrate to Brazil to live with Cris. Initially assist Cris in her healing practice and also start to put together a web site ( until we buy the land in Minas Gerais

FEB-02 We buy 6 acres or 24,000m2 land in the hills of Minas Gerais and we move to Toledo the town closest to the land.

MAY-02 After spending months completing the documention for the land purchase and having built a lockable tool store we start building our Chalet.

NOV-02 Chalet built but not finished we move there anyway as Toledo were we have rented a house is proving to be horrible and Cris is desparate to escape. We spend the next yeare and a half, finishing the chalet and supervising the building of the guesthouse, communal kitchen and restaurant / conservatory. Eventually it sinks in that the real project was to present us with ourselves and what we needed to become aware of rather than set up this land. So, having completed the real project we sell up.

JUN-04 Sell land. As we are both exhausted from the last 2 years at Toledo so we take a much needed break and spend the next four months until late September travelling in the south of Brazil; Curitiba, Joinville, Blumenau, Florianopolis, Laguna, Porto Alegre, Gramado, Canela, Novo Petropolis, Caxias Do Sul.

OCT-04 We enter europe via Portugal the vague plan is that we will either return to settle in the south of Brazil in most likely Canella or live in Portugal. However after one day in Lisbon and the feel of some established culture I know I cannot return to Brasil there is not enough there anymore. We travel until late January visiting various countries; Portugal, Spain, England, Scotland, Italy and France catching up with friends most of the time. Cris and I have decided to part company by this time and I see Cris off in Portugal returning to Brasil. My intention is to then settle in Portugal, English weather being what it is after 4 years living in a tropical country I cannot handle the thought of an English winter in the North East.

APR-05 – PRESENT. Writing, researching and thinking; Trying to put WholeSoulWork into context which is all well and good but I need to get it into context in my own head first.