Managerial Experience

At the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

I worked as Manager of the bio-Medical Mass Spectrometry Unit at Newcastle University for 6 years from 1991 until I left in 1997. This was a central resources unit providing use of equipment to University employees and students for the most part within the Medical, Biological and Agricultural departments.

My domain was a small suite of rooms compromising; 5 laboratories used for both sample preparation and to house the mass spectrometers, plus an office, store room and relaxation area. For 5 years I ran this space single handedly until the last two years when I had two technicians working with me.

I negotiated all maintenance contracts. Was responsible for all purchasing; consumables, system parts and new equipment for all instruments. I did all of the accounts, organised training and orientation of new users, advised on experimental design and interpretation of results and statistical analysis. Dealt with maintainance and equipment breakdowns as well as writing software and manuals for users to work with the systems.

I was also the units safety officer and made sure we conformed to the Coshh safety requirements.

As site foreman to the construction work in Brazil.

I had to supervise upto 6 builders and labourers, anticipate and order all materials for four buildings. Work with Portugese as a second language and the fact that they had never seen a chalet design before never mind built anything like it made things interesting. So, I had to solve all building problems on the chalet and organise it's unfoldment on a daily basis. Time spent on these buildings was a year and a half.

Badminton Trainer

I ran an early evening class training children from the ages of 9 to 14 to play badminton to a high standard. I ran this class on my own when I was 18-20 years old. Some of these children got to play on the schools county team.