Published Scientific Papers

Diabetes, Insulin & ProInsulin Focused Research (16)

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  14. Dyer RG; Hetherington CS; Alberti KG; Laker MF. (06 Jan 1995). Simultaneous measurement of phytosterols (campesterol and beta-sitosterol) and 7-ketocholesterol in human lipoproteins by capillary column gas chromatography. J Chromatogr B Biomed Appl. 663:1-7.
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Plant Biology & Nutrition (3)

  1. Griffiths H, Broadmeadow MSJ, Borland AM, Hetherington CS. Short-term changes in carbon-isotope discrimination identify transitions between C3 and C4 carboxylation during Crassulacean acid metabolism. Planta 1990; 181, 604-610.
  2. Lilley JH, Beakes GW, Hetherington CS. Characterization of Aphanomyces invadans isolates using pyrolysis mass spectrometry (PyMS). 1. Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland, 2 Department of Biological & Nutritional Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, and 3 Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Unit, Medical School, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK. Mycoses. 2001 Nov;44(9-10):383-9.
  3. Griffiths H, Broadmeadow MSJ, Borland AM, Hetherington CS. Regulation of the Rubisco Activity in CAM Plants: Better Later than Never. Funct. Plant Biol. 2002;29:689-696.

Microbiology, Bacteriology Focused Research (2)

  1. Freeman R, Sissons PR, Ward AC, Magee JG, Hetherington CS, Lightfoot NF. Isolates of Mycobacterium avium-intercellulare from patients with and without AIDS compared by pyrolysis mass spectrometry. Letts Appl Microbiol 1993; 1/6, 94-96.
  2. Ward AC, Freeman R, Sissons PR, Hetherington CS. Phenotypic variation as a significant within strain factor in PyMS-based comparisons of bacteria. J Anal Appi Pyrol (in Press).

Experimental Instrumentation (2)

  1. Hetherington CS, Kier M, Stappenbeck Raymond, Simm Alistair, Brigham LL, Skillen Andrew W, Hodson Alan W. Computer acquisition and analysis of data in enzymatic fluorimetric continuous flow methods for the measurement of glucose, lactate, pyruvate, alanine, glycerol and 3-hydroxybutyrate in human blood. Journal of automatic chemistry 1986; 8/2, 49-55.
  2. Freeman R, Sissons PR, Hetherington CS. Practical Protocols for Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometry. In; Methods in Molecular Biology. Modern Bacteriological Techniques. Humana (in press).

Cancer Focused Research Contributions (1)

  1. Daley SE, Pearson ADJ, Craft AW, Kernahan J, Wyllie RA, Price L, Hetherington CS, Bartlet K. Whole body protein metabolism in children with cancer, (submitted).

This is probably a truncated list, there are probably another 5 or so and I also have my name on a few book chapters too. If any old colleagues have wandered into the Clive zone here and know of any papers I have missed drop me a line with the information – I would appreciate it.