Formal & Other Qualifications



Comprehensive School 1970 – 77; 8 GCE ‘0’ Levels; Maths, English lang, English lit, Chemistry with Biology, Physics, Technical drawing,
2 GCE ‘A’ Levels; Biology, Chemistry
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne 1977 – 80:
Ist year; Microbiology / bacteriology, Plant biology, Biochemistry and Genetics.
Plant Biology Hons. (II 2).

Full driving licence.


Recreational and Sports Skills 

  • Third in North-East Junior Skiing Championships 1976
  • Played for the University Badminton Team 1980
  • Considered County ‘B’ team standard .22 rifle shooting 1982
  • Pretty good at and or spent time doing; tennis, table tennis, squash, swimming, climbing, roller blading, ice skating, hang gliding, kayaking, sailing, running (completed a few half marathons), yoga.



  • Programming & Software Writing; BBC Basic with some experience in pascal, cobol, html, css & perl.
  • Systems analysis: Wrote a software package for data capture and automated analysis of blood samples for various metabolites from multichannel fluorimeters, with standards, quality controls and statistical analysis and a very comprehensive professional biological statistical analysis package, for use on personal microcomputers. The statistical analysis included ANOVA, multiple regression and polynomial analysis, as well as having powerful graphical facilities.
  • Self taught in statistics; parametric and non parametric tests through to 2 & 3 way ANOVA, multiple regression and polynomial analysis.
  • Made furniture; beds, tables, units for a complete kitchen, wardrobes, picture frames.
  • Turned wooden bowls; sold in craft shops.
  • Made pottery.
  • Organiser of a wholefood cooperative, with 50 members, we regularly ordered a metric ton of food for splitting and redistribution.
  • Architecture; design of buildings; large wooden chalet, small guest house, tool store, kitchen and conservatory.
  • Main builder for; large wooden chalet.
  • Site foreman; tool store, guest house, kitchen building, conservatory.
  • Helped run a small holding; chickens, aviary, fish pond with tilapia, orchard (50 different fruit types), rabbits, dog, cats, kitchen garden.
  • Author of an advanced healing book; The Multidimensional Hitch Hikers Guide to Unity Consciousness – sub titled – The Advanced Handbook of Soul Transformation.



  • In Feb 96 I received informal ‘spiritual healer’ training, I have no formal qualifications in this area.
  • In June 96 I took my first formal training in the Reiki Healing Tradition, giving me the Reiki (I) self healing certificate.
  • In September 96 I continued this training and became a Reiki (II) healing practitioner.
  • In December 97 I completed a basic counseling skills course.
  • In June 97 I completed my full training in Reiki, to become a Reiki trainer although I never recieved a certificate; I disconnected from the Reiki energies shortly after; horribly limited.
  • In July 97 I completed my training in ‘Magnified Healing’, to become a healer/trainer in that tradition.
  • In September 97 I completed a full 4 month healer apprenticship with Michael Bradford a recognised international healer, studying past life and entity release methods.

The initial ‘spiritual healer’ training and the last with Michael Bradford were the true foundations to point me in the direction. Magnified healing has good intentions and is better than Reiki by far which of course means that it is little recognised. Popularity is never an accurate measure of quality.