Current Projects

An Expert System to Identify Clients issues and offer Resolution Strategies

My unearthing of the ‘original’ causes of personal and life issues has resulted in a large and still growing base of the original ’causes’ of issues and their correspondence to single or combinations of personal or current life effects or issues and the likely strategies to resolve these.

So, I have software that takes the results from a series of detailed questionnaires about your life and analyses the answers in terms of:

  • What issues of limitation we will have to work on
  • Identifies traumas, shocks, suppressions and stresses and your preferred coping and survival strategies when subjected to these
  • Information about your original soul origins and background.
  • Hidden influences and manipulations 

Even with the
current incarnation of software it is giving me good information; but its just in the early phases yet.

The first version is complete, but I am having some time to gather new
patterns relating to:

  • Childhood times and family relationships
  • Feelings and feeling expression
  • General Personality
  • Coping and Survival Strategies

As most peoples solutions to difficult times is to do things like;

  • Shut down; block feelings, block preoccupations about ‘whatever’
  • Let go / move on; To leave something behind

In other words as these strategies are about moving on from what was difficult to deal with then an immediate side effect of this is that most people ‘accept’ or more accurately don’t think about what is limiting them as this is one of their strategies that helps to keep them going in life. So, a client will list say 2-5 issues. In fact they will only list issues that they cannot ignore because they are too bad. As WSW deals with all limitations, so we have yet to work with a client whom in our terms has less than 200 issues (most serious). It is rare for someone to have less than 50 issues it is normal to have 200-500 issues.

Because peoples main means of dealing with issues is to ignore them then I have also written;

Issue Tracking and resolving software

The major limitation to actually resolve issues is understanding this life’s presentations; it’s patterns, relationships, interactions and the strategies a client uses to manage their life difficulties, what beliefs they have what actions / decisions they took. This means;

A lot of information about a client and their life is required as a start. The more the interconnections and relationships between issues for each client is understood the easier and faster we identify the cause and pick the right strategy to resolve.

To do this properly requires that both the client and myself have a system to hold information in a central place, where both can update, add and communicate to keep track of whatever issues we are currently working on simultaneously.

So, I have put together software which includes;

Full life information entry and editing for;

  • Traumas, stress, shock and suppressions
  • Personal and family relationships
  • Timeline and location information
  • Life actions and reactions
  • And more . . . 

Issues Recording and Tracking:

  • Issues are described with examples
  • How an issue is resolved is tracked and updated
  • Progress and outcome


  • Instant messaging
  • Message lists
  • Quick access to current hot issues
  • E-mail facility

The first working version of this software is being tested and used by clients and myself now. This too has advanced the resolution of issues hugely. The more quality information that is kept updated then the easier it is to see the underlying causes and so identify the cause and best means to resolve.