Values and Character

It is a shame that in today’s world values seem to be well . . . . not valued really and getting more scarce by the minute.

One of my strongest values is that I stand by my values. I speak what I feel and what I think and I live what I speak. Anything else to my way of thinking is quite simply a waste of time both to yourself and those around you. So, what I write below is very me.

Impeccably honest, caring and gentle but tough, abhor injustice of any kind, determined, courageous, never give up, very intelligent, very analytical, very rational, very logical in context, very feeling, very intuitive, very aware, very sensitive (although I choose my level of sensitivity) and a sense of humour bigger than all of these put together thank god. I don’t suffer fools easily; in fact not at all, and don’t suffer being taken as a fool either. I don’t take any shit, don’t give it. I am very adaptable to others but only while able to retain self. Very patient, very long term planner – millennium time spans are not a problem when your level of awareness allows you to access you past and generally pick up where you left off. I can also think, feel and sense on very large scales and take in huge volumes of information in all these areas.